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With Our Blended Approach of Organic Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads Services - Tailored for the Restoration Industry


All Water Damage Calls and Leads Are Exclusive and Only For You

Why share your water damage leads and fire damage restoration leads with your competitors when you can have leads delivered to you by a phone call, email or text message.

No long term commitments or contracts are required.  Cancel at any time.

Average Monthly Increase In Leads
Average Reduction in Lead Costs
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Water Restoration Marketing

We lower your lead costs!

Costs for water damage leads and fire leads keep going up! The average cost per water damage lead is anywhere from $100 to over $300, depending on how competitive your local area is.

We create a custom lead acquisition plan for your damage restoration business based on multiple factors that are unique and customized to your exact needs.


Water Damage Lead Generation Services, Marketing, Methods,
Techniques and Implementation

Local SEO

How we properly optimize your website and other digital marketing related properties.

PPC Management

We properly setup, optimize and manage your paid ad campaigns for a positive return on investment.

Website Design

We make sure your existing site is designed or redesigned to maximize lead flow.


We Can Help Grow your Damage Restoration Business with Proper Digital Marketing

Our founder has over 20 years of digital marketing experience and specializes in generating highly-targeted traffic to your business through best-in-class strategies.

We can help lower your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for your water damage leads while improve overall quality of leads.

Customized Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Your business is unique.  Shouldn’t your lead gen be unique as well?

Dedicated to the Success of Your Business

We offer a hands-off approach to your marketing efforts.

Get Water Damage Leads for Your Business

Damage Restoration Lead Generation Company

If you think your water restoration company is missing out on success, you may not have everything you need to make your brand stand out.


Even if you’re licensed, trained, and experienced in the industry, securing water damage leads is often more about your marketing capabilities than the quality of your company.


Restoration Boost can help grow your business, your brand awareness, increase your daily call volume and deliver relevant customers directly to your doorstep. With water damage leads and mold remediation leads for your restoration business, you can target your exact desired local customer, all without the need for:

  • Major sales work
  • Door-to-door advertising methods
  • Phone calls with uninterested customers
  • Tireless time-wasting
  • Hard work on your part

If your current water damage marketing efforts are consuming your working day with very little success and your phone number is not ringing, you need to outsource the job to a business that specializes in top-quality digital marketing. Let us take the work off your shoulders and help your local water damage restoration business reach its full potential.

Why Choose RestorationBoost?

Restoration Boost has been successfully helping water restoration businesses grow. With a dedicated team of online marketing experts, our job is to ensure your water damage company is consistently at the top of its marketing game.  Our experts are skilled in Pay-Per-Click management, local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website design. We have the required knowledge, skills and specialist tools at our disposal to provide an extensive online marketing solution tailored specifically to the needs of your water damage restoration business.


We work with both local and national businesses, offering a service that’s particularly beneficial to small and medium companies in the US. We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve outcomes that suit your specific water damage lead generation needs, no matter what you have in mind for your water damage leads.  After carrying out comprehensive keyword research, we’ll tailor-make a plan for your water damage business, outlining marketing goals before putting the hard work into the project. We’ll deliver accurate reports along the way, so you’re well aware of the timeline of your results – and we’ll tweak and update your plan as necessary to make sure you’re getting the best value for money.


We highly recommend that restoration contractors obtain water damage jobs and leads from us, with benefits such as:

Why RestorationBoost
  • Customized solutions to suit all requirements
  • A dedicated, results-driven plan with a focus on a positive ROI for your leads
  • Increase in water damage leads at a reduced price
  • Pay per project, not per lead

Call us to learn more about how our custom tailored service can provide water damage leads for your restoration business.

You Need Exclusive Water Damage Leads - Here's Why

Exclusive water damage leads – as opposed to shared leads that other water damage restoration businesses also have access to – typically have a higher conversion rate or closing ratio. Whether your service area is particularly competitive or you just want to stand out as the go-to water restoration company in your region, exclusive water damage restoration leeds are what you need.


Be wary of paying for third-party water damage lead generation, as you have a high chance of receiving shared water damage leads. When this happens, you may end up sharing your leads with competing restoration companies, which will reduce your chances of conversion and success.


Rather than fighting with other restoration companies for the same leads, we’ll give you the opportunity to close a deal with a customer without having to compete against other businesses.


Exclusive water damage leads are:

  • Easier to convert
  • Tracked back to their original source
  • Offered without the pressure of competition

Some water damage lead businesses sell their leads on to other services businesses. We don’t do that. No other company but yourself will have access to your own water damage leads, giving you a long-term opportunity to attract homeowners and turn prospective customers into paying ones.

We Make Obtaining Water Damage Leads Easy

When you let us handle your water damage leads for you, it’s as simple as this:

  • We use our lead generation system and techniques to target your ideal customers
  • Your customers find your contact details and give you a call or fill out a form which forwards the results to your email address
  • You or your customer service team respond to the phone call and arrange to carry out the job
  • You deliver your water damage service and receive payment from your customer or insurance company
  • We track where your water damage leads came from to determine which areas of our marketing work best

Getting Water Damage Leads: How It Works

We work diligently on obtaining new water damage leads for your business. To begin, you just need a few basics – a professional website presence, a phone number and email address, some form of customer service (yourself will do!), and a Google My Business Page. Even if your water damage restoration company is relatively new, you probably already have these essentials in place. If you don’t, our team can help you get everything set up properly. Or, if your website design is out-of-date, we can refreshen it with a brand new look that is designed to convert website browsers into website buyers.


Instant water damage leads sound nice – but it’s much better to invest in several different marketing techniques to generate both immediate and long-term results. Having a solid presence on platforms online, including on search engines and social media, can support your lead generation campaigns and improve ROI using a more gradual long-term approach. This means you can invest in customers right now – the people who will keep your company operating – while you generate longer-term water damage leads at a lower overall cost.


The best water damage leads are those that have been acquired organically, especially as these leads tend to generate more referrals and repeat customers, so you’ll have the biggest chance of success if you use the organic approach where possible.


A Water Damage Lead Generation System That's Fair For You

Water restoration leads for your service business are valuable. But that’s no reason for lead generation companies to get greedy with their offerings.


We don’t make you pay per call – our lead generation system gives you access to every single lead we generate on your behalf, no exceptions. With our proper digital marketing programs and SEO services, we’ll give you a fair ROI for your water damage leads.

Damage Restoration Web Design

How We Generate Your Leads

There’s a method behind our lead generation system, and we understand that you want to be well aware of what you’re paying for before you part for your money.


Be wary of companies that shroud their methods in secrecy – they may be doing less than you think. Not only are we transparent with exactly what water damage lead generation services we offer and for what price, but we’ll also keep you informed of our progress, including any alterations we make along the way.


We use several different digital marketing techniques to generate water damage leads:

Local SEO

Local SEO, or, local search engine optimization, allows your business to connect with clients in your town, city or state and is a “natural” or “organic” method to grow your business online and get your name out there and increase brand recognition. With our local SEO strategies, we’ll get your business higher up on Google Search when a customer looks online for your damage restoration service, which will create new water damage leads for you.


We’ll boost your local water damage restoration leads by optimizing your website and Google My Business listing with a properly set up and optimized listing, adding smart web content, updating your details and ensuring you’re well-represented by happy customers online. We’ll measure your listings and performance using applications such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other search engine optimization tools. We also incorporate sophisticated phone call tracking for both your SEO and paid ad campaigns.

PPC Management

Damage Restoration Web Design

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) convinces your ideal water damage restoration customers to purchase your service. We primarily focus on Google Ads but we can also work on other paid ad networks if you want to get really aggressive. Our PPC management experts will set up, organize and manage your PPC campaigns, with eye-catching ads, custom landing pages that encourage conversions, and remarketing to appeal to customers who visited your site and didn’t take action. Our ads target popular keywords, ensuring the most cost-effective means of attracting suitable clients. Your water damage leads will be generated with a target of generating as many as possible at the lowest cost per acquisition. Our land page designs convert higher than the industry standard. We incorporate phone call tracking into your paid ad campaigns. Also, you are fully aware of your ad spend since we determine an appropriate ad spend budget and you pay that directly to Google Ads with your credit card.


You can rest assured that we know about the dangers of abusing the system when it comes to PPC and a “white hat” SEO strategy. We know you want to get to the top of Google Ad’s search, but we’ll make sure we use the most effective natural techniques to get you there.

Web Design

Whether you’re in need of a website redesign or a rebuild from scratch, our expert web designers know what it takes to grow your business through an expertly crafted website design. We provide a truly unique web design service for water damage restoration companies, with custom-made websites helping you to make your mark amongst your competitors.


As we specialize in producing websites for water damage companies, you can rest assured that we’re highly knowledgeable in what it takes to produce the best website for a contractor in your industry.


It doesn’t just stop at making a website. If you utilize our full strategy, we’ll optimize your site once it’s made, making sure your on-site SEO is properly optimized, such as adding keywords to the headers, meta titles and body content to improve your online visibility. Following that, we’ll make sure customers are well aware of your website with our social media marketing and blog content.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What are the costs involved in water damage lead generation?

Answer: It depends on several factors. Some items that impact pricing is the population density of your target locations and if your local service area has a high level of competition, and how aggressive you want to be. With our custom lead acquisition plans, we can provide the most cost-effective solution to improve your bottom line which is tailored to your exact needs, so you’re spending money on results – not time-wasting. Remember your ROI is more important than the initial price per lead – you want to get the most back from the price you pay. Be rest assured, we do not charge an individual lead price.  While some of our competitors charge you per lead, referral fees or charge you a commission based on the total value of a job that you receive, you can get an unlimited amount of water damage leads based on our unique digital marketing strategy, which will provide you with a higher ROI compared to other methods.

Question: How do I know I'm getting a good value for my money?

Answer: We incorporate varous tracking methods so you can keep track of where all of your leads origintate from. For example, we utilize Google Analytics, phone calls, email address and online form tracking. By tracking this data, you’ll see an increase in lead generation with a lower cost per acquisition compared to traditional pay-per-lead models. When real customers are contacting you based on our digital marketing and SEO efforts, you’ll see the results first-hand. With our water damage marketing service, you pay a flat monthly fee depending on what you’re looking for. Don’t worry – we don’t make you pay per call for your water damage restoration leads.

Question: Why outsource flood damage lead generation?

Answer: There’s probably a reason that you decided to offer water removal services in your local area, and it’s unlikely you were fantasizing about spending hours working on your web presence, chasing up phone calls and trying to get your head around online ads. We’ll control every aspect of our water damage lead services, leaving you to get on with the work that you actually want to do.  We highly recommend paying an expert company to handle your business’ water damage lead generation for you – it’ll help you boost your revenue without the hard work. Plus, we’re professionals, and we’ve been doing this a long time, so we can save you the money you’d spend trialing Google ads and the time spent figuring out how to update your website and trying rank it online. We live and breath digital marketing for the damage restoration industry. We know what works and what doesn’t work.

Question: How long will it take to start getting new water damage leads?

Answer: If you utilize our comprehensive plan, you should start to see new water damage leads trickling in after a couple of weeks. In terms of how long you’ll receive leads for, that depends on how long you continue to work with a lead generation company like RestorationBoost. We can support you in your growth as a company no matter how big your aspirations are – there’s no limit when it comes to online marketing. Whether you want to expand your service areas or become recognized state-wise or even nationally, our water damage leads service is here to help.

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The Ultimate Internet Marketing Checklist for Damage Restoration Companies

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