Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Marketing

Get More Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Removal Calls and Jobs with Our Digital Marketing Strategies

Fire Leads for the Damage Restoration Industry

Do you think your fire and smoke restoration business could bring in more customers? Then you need a professional to evaluate your current lead generation strategy. At RestorationBoost, we implement a number of tried and tested digital marketing strategies to boost your business and help you get seen by home-owners and businesses in your local area.

The Fire Lead Generation Process

We don’t use secretive, behind-the-scenes lead generation techniques to bring customers to your business. If you’re considering working with a marketing agency that won’t disclose its strategies used for generating fire restoration leads, don’t ignore this red flag. A marketing agency should be able to tell you in detail about the efforts that are made to bring in new leads for your business.


The basic process of lead generation for fire restoration companies is as follows:

  • We analyze your current lead generation efforts (don’t worry if you don’t have any).
  • We’ll then create an audit based on our findings.
  • We implement a digital marketing strategy, combining several techniques to showcase your business to relevant customers.
  • We track your calls and leads to determine how many fire leads have been generated by our marketing strategies. This data helps us to refine our efforts going forward – we never make you pay per lead or pay a percentage of the job.
  • You receive your fire lead by a direct phone call, to your email address or receive text message alerts.  People call your business to book a fire restoration or smoke damage restoration job.
  • You then visit their house or business to provide an estimate.
  • If you are selected, you then perform your fire damage restoration service, and get paid by the insurance agency or home-owner.

How We Generate Fire Restoration Leads

When you contact us for fire restoration leads, we’ll require some information from you about your business goals: the name of your business and your address or location, your phone number and email address, your targeted service area and what you’re hoping to achieve from our service. We’ll target home-owners and businesses in your local area based on the criteria you’ve selected and look at how you can generate more sales with minimal cost or effort.


To begin, we’ll research into the keywords used by your local competition to determine how to best move forward with our lead generation system. With this information, we’ll produce a tailor-made plan covering everything we plan to do to boost your fire damage company’s leads, which we’ll review with you before we get started.


As a company owner, you’ll know first-hand just how competitive the fire and smoke damage industry can be. For this reason, we don’t just focus on a single strategy for generating fire leads. Instead, we employ a variety of the best practices to give your company the best opportunity to secure new leads on a regular basis.

The list below highlights the different digital marketing techniques to generate smoke and fire damage leads:

Local SEO

Our local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) pros can boost your online presence organically, helping to bring your company website higher up on Google and attract more interested home-owners.


We’ll implement a number of practices including updating your website’s information, making sure your website is “SEO friendly” and within Google’s guidelines.  We also optimize your Google My Business (GMB) listing and ensuring that prospective clients can easily access positive reviews. We’ll track data and measure your results using Google Search Console and Google Analytics, as well as tracking your phone call data to report on leads from SEO and paid ads.


PPC Management


Our dedicated Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, team will use paid advertising networks, namely Google Ads, to attract fire restoration and smoke damage clients to call or contact your damage restoration business about your services. We can handle everything relating to your company’s PPC, offering an all-in-one service that includes setting up an account, and handling and adjusting our PPC systems on a regular basis.


With years of Pay Per Click experience, we know what it takes to advertise your services in the best light. We’ll use a dedicated account to produce attractive search engine ads, linking them to landing pages that have been designed to increase conversions in your local area. We’ll also produce targeted ads for clients who have shown interest in your fire and smoke restoration business but have not yet made a booking.

Web Design

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new website for your fire damage restoration service or you just need to update an outdated website, our web design team can offer the best solution. We’ll make sure your fire and smoke restoration services are well-represented with a professional, quick-loading and clearly laid-out websites.


We’re specialist website designers for fire and smoke damage companies, so we can offer a service that’s tailored towards appealing to your specific client network. Our full strategy involves optimizing your fire restoration website with keywords and using content marketing and social media marketing to send interested prospects to your website.


Contact us with your fire restoration marketing questions today – we’re happy to provide more information about our systems and tailor-make a plan for you.


Securing Appropriate, Legitimate Fire Damage Leads

If you’ve been in the business for a long time, you’re probably aware of how your competitors operate. Some fire restoration companies obtain their fire damage leads by hounding adjusters, emergency responders like firemen or listening to fire station scanners “chasing fires” – showing up at the homeowners’ properties, often while the fire is still in progress.


Attempting to secure leads by preying on vulnerable customers in a distressing situation is probably something you’re not comfortable doing. If you prefer the idea of securing leads from clients who are level-headed, not desperate and likely to act impulsive, you’ve made, in our opinion, the right decision – and we can help you.

Water Restoration Marketing

Rather than using inappropriate strategies to gain leads, we use an organic lead generation system to help you avoid the need for chasing fires or emergency responders altogether. With consumers coming directly to you, you don’t need to waste time and energy hunting for clients and getting into situations where you’re not wanted.

Why Exclusive Fire Restoration Leads?

Just like our water damage restoration leads and mold leads, we only ever offer exclusive fire restoration leads to the contractors we work with. This isn’t a given with every fire restoration marketing business – many companies will give you leads that you have to share with other contractors offering your service. All of the fire damage leads that we provide are sent straight to your phone, email or we can even have them sent to you alerts via text messages.


The cons of a shared lead are fairly obvious: it’s less likely to convert and has a much lower chance of success. That’s why we only offer exclusive fire restoration leads, improving your chances of a higher conversion rate or closing ratio, ultimately helping to boost your revenue. So if you’re keen for your company to be considered one of the best in your region – whether that’s your town, county or state – you need exclusive leads!


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